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Event Download

Through the event download service it is possible to obtain the data of an event linked to a BP-e through the NS BP-e API. The event data can be received in XML or JSON.


Production: POST https://bpe.ns.eti.br/v1/bpe/get/event

Input Data
FieldDescriptionOccurrenceData Type
X-AUTH-TOKENsoftware house access token0-1StringCan also be sent in the request header
chBPeBP-e access key1-1Int
tpDownDownload file type:
tpEventoEvent type:
1-1String"NAOEMB" - Non-Boarding;
"CANC" - Cancellation
"ALTPOL" = Seat Change
nSeqEventoSequential event number0-1IntDefault value: 1
Request Example

Download Event Request

curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
     "chBPe": "43170507364617000135580000000003481000033457", 
     "tpDown": "x", 
     "tpEvento": "enc"
Returned Data
statusProcessing status code1-1Int
motivoLiteral description of processing status1-1String
retEventoObject containing the cancellation processing data at Sefaz0-1ObjectOnly with status = 200
cStatEvent status code at Sefaz1-1Int
xMotivoLiteral description of the situation of the event at Sefaz1-1String
chBPeBP-e access key1-1Int
dhRegEventoDate and time of the event registration at Sefaz1-1String ( date and time format )Sefaz Standard: YYYY-MM-DDTHH: MM:SS+UTC.
Ex : 2016-06-13T15: 04: 10-03:00
nProtNumber of the protocol for authorization of the event by Sefaz1-1Int
xmlEvent XML0-1StringOnly when tpDown = X, and in status = 200
jsonEvent JSON0-1ObjectOnly when tpDown = J, and in status = 200
Object containing error information if the event cannot be downloaded successfully
0-1ObjectOnly in status different than 200
erro.cStatError status code1-1Int
erro.xMotivoLiteral description of the error1-1String
Response examples

Successful response

    "status": 200,
    "motivo": "Evento localizado com sucesso",
    "retEvento": {
        "cStat": "135",
        "xMotivo": "Evento registrado e vinculado a BP-e",
        "chBPe": "43180207364617000135630000000000311000000089",
        "dhRegEvento": "2018-02-21T16:15:16-03:00",
        "nProt": "143180000002639"
    "xml": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><procEventoBPe versao=\"1.00\" xmlns=\"http://www.portalfiscal.inf.br/bpe\">...</procEventoBPe>"
Returned Codes
200Event Download done successfully
-2Invalid access key
-3Invalid event type
-4Invalid download type
-5The event could not be loaded. Check the error object for more information

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