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CT-e Correction Letter

Through the Electronic Correction Letter service, it’s possible to change information in some fields of an already authorized CT-e.

Obs.: For a list of fields that can be changed through this method, click here and verify the most updated version of the Sefaz Contributors’s Guidance Manual.


3.00 version

Production: POST https://cte.ns.eti.br/cte/cce/300

Input data
X-AUTH-TOKENUser access token
chCTeCT-e access key
tpAmbCT-e authorization environment type: 1 - Production, 2 - Homologation
dhEventoDate and time of the eventSefaz Standard: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+UTC
E.g.: 2016-06-13T15:04:10-02:00
nSeqEventoEvent sequential numberIn most cases it will be 1. However, when more than one event of the same type is generated for the same CT-e, this number must be sequentially incremented.
infCorrecaoObject or Array of objects containing data to be changedThis field can contain one object ({...}) or several objects within an array ([{...}, {...}, ...]), thus enabling the modification of several CT-e fields at the same time
infCorrecao.grupoAlteradoName of the parent group of the field to be changedExample: "veic"
infCorrecao.campoAlteradoName of the field to be changedExample: "placa"
infCorrecao.valorAlteradoNew value that the field will receive
infCorrecao.nroItemAlteradoIndex of the changed item, if the change occurs in a listFor example: If you correct one of the sender's NF-es, this tag should indicate the position of the changed NF-e in the list. Note: the index always starts at 1
Request example

CT-e CC-e request

curl -X POST 
    \-H "Content-Type: application/json"
    \-d '{ 
          "X-AUTH-TOKEN": "...", 
          "chCTe": "43160734593612900019557000000010891022310638", 
          "tpAmb": "2", 
          "dhEvento": "2016-07-04T18:34:10-03:00", 
          "nSeqEvento": "1", 
          "infCorrecao": [
               { "grupoAlterado": "veic", 
                 "campoAlterado": "placa", 
                 "valorAlterado": "IQU9949", 
                 "nroItemAlterado": "1" 
          }' \
Returned data
statusProcessing status code
motivoProcessing status literal description
retEventoObject containing CT-e processing data at SefazOnly when status = 200
retEvento.cStatProcessing situation code at Sefaz
retEvento.xMotivoLiteral description of the processing situation at Sefaz
retEvento.chCTeCT-e access key
retEvento.dhRegEventoDate and time of the event registration at SefazSefaz Standard: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+UTC
E.g.: 2016-06-13T15:04:10-02:00
retEvento.nProtDocument receipt number at Sefaz
xmlDistribution XML of the Electronic Correction Letter eventOnly when status = 200
errosArray containin a list of errors during the information validation of the correction letter
informed in the request according to the data type
Only when status = -4
codigoOccurred error codeOnly when status = -5
descricaoOccurred error literal descriptionOnly when status = -5
Return example

Successful return

    "status": 200,
    "motivo": "CC-e vinculada ao CT-e com sucesso",
    "retEvento": {
        "cStat": 135,
        "xMotivo": "Evento registrado e vinculado a CT-e",
        "chCTe": "43160734593612900019557000000010891022310638",
        "dhRegEvento": "2016-07-04T20:00:46-03:00",
        "nProt": "143160000362732"
    "xml": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><procEventoCTe versao=\"2.00\" xmlns=\"http://www.portalfiscal.inf.br/cte\">...</procEventoCTe>"
Return codes
200CC-e linked successfully
-2Mandatory fields in the request not informed
-3Invalid access key
-4Information error according to the data type
-5Error sending the Electronic Correction Letter to Sefaz. Verify the "codigo" and "descricao" fields for more information

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