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Cancellation Download

Through this download service, it is possible to obtain the processing data of the InserirLogVendaPassagem method performed in ANTT. The processing data can be obtained in XML or JSON format


Production: POST https://antt.ns.eti.br/v1/antt/logcancelamento/download

Input Data
X-AUTH-TOKEN1-1User access token
chave1-1Access key of the processing generated in the ANTT previously
tpDown1-1Download type:

X - XML;
tpAmb1-1Type of Environment:

1 - Production;
2 - Test Environment
Request Examples

InserirLogCancelarPassagem download request in JSON format

    "chave": "2021080865988700016511000002351000000010",
    "tpAmb": "2",
    "tpDown": "J"
Response Data
FieldDescriptionOccurrenceData TypeParentNote
statusProcessing Status Code1-1Int
motivoLiteral description of processing status1-1String
chaveAccess key of the processing generated in the antt previously0-1Int
xmlProcessing distribution XML0-1StringOnly when status = 200 and tpDown = x
jsonjson object containing the distribution data of the processing performed in ANTT0-1ObjectOnly when status = 200 and tpDown = j
erroObject containing error information0-1ObjectOnly with a status other than 200
cStatError Status Code1-1Interro
xMotivoLiteral description of the error1-1Stringerro
Response Examples

Successful Response

	"status": 200,
	"motivo": "Evento localizado com sucesso",
	"chave": "2021080865988700016511000002351000000010",
	"xml": "<>...</>"
Returned Code
200Log submission successfully executed.
-2Request data validation error.
-3Errors in log processing after sending to Core/ANTT
-4Errors in log processing after sending to Core/ANTT
-5Errors in log processing after sending to Core/ANTT
-6Document already processed and authorized. Check the nsNRec informed of the response.

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