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Data sending


The InserirLogVendaPassagem method is responsible for sending the data to ANTT to include the ticket sold in the given period. It must be sent according to the data types defined by ANTT’s XML schemas and send the document for processing in ANTT’s WebService.

The return of this service contains the processing status of this ANTT method by the API and the nsNRec code for checking the processing status.


Production: POST https://antt.ns.eti.br/v1/antt/logvenda

Input Data

The data to be sent in the request body must be in JSON format.

Sending data in JSON format

To send data in JSON, the Content-Type of the request must be defined as application/json.

FieldOccurrenceData TypeParentDescription
X-AUTH-TOKEN1-1StringUser access token
It can also be sent via Header or QueryString in the URL.
chBPe1-1StringBPe Access Key Previously Authorized via NS API BPe
tpAmb1-1StringType of environment for processing InsertLogVendaPassagem method

1 - Production
2 - Test Environment

*Default value: 2
Object containing the data to be sent to the method
codigoBilheteEmbarque1-1IntlogEmissaoticket identifier code

0 = Normal;
1 = Free;
codigoCategoriaTransporte1-1IntlogEmissaoTransport Category

01 = interstate
02 = international
03 = intercity
04 = municipal
idPontoOrigemViagem1-1IntlogEmissaoANTT municipality origin code.
Use the table provided by antt to fill in this field. (https://portal.antt.gov.br/monitriip)
idPontoDestinoViagem1-1IntlogEmissaoANTT municipality destination code.
Use the table provided by antt to fill in this field. (https://portal.antt.gov.br/monitriip)
identificacaoLinha1-1StringlogEmissaoLine identification;

road [8] or itinerary;

semi-urban [4], if applicable
(differentiated service)
codigoTipoServico1-1IntlogEmissaoType of service offered in transport:

01: Conventional, with toilet;

02: Conventional, without toilet;

03: Semi-bed;

04: Bed, with air conditioning;

05: Bed, without air conditioning;

06: Executive;

07: Semi-urban;
dataViagem1-1StringlogEmissaoTicket travel date.

horaViagem1-1StringlogEmissaoTicket Travel Time.

UTC Standard: HHMMSS
codigoTipoViagem1-1IntlogEmissaoType of trip:

00: Regular;

01: extra01;

02: extra02;

03: extra03;

04: extra04;


NN: extraXX
numeroPoltrona1-1IntlogEmissaoseat number
plataformaEmbarque0-1StringlogEmissaoBoarding platform code or numerical identification
codigoMotivoDesconto1-1IntlogEmissaoReason for discount:

01: Standard Rate – no discount;

02: Promotional Rate - Paragraph 3, art. 27 of Decree No. 2.521/98

05: Travel Ticket for the Elderly 100% - Item I, art. 40 of Law No.

06: Elderly Travel Ticket 50% - Item II, art. 40 of Law No.

07: Travel Authorization - Free Pass - Art. 1 of Law No. 8.899/94;

08: Free Pass Auditors and Labor Agents - Art. 34 of the Decree
No. 4,552/02;

09: Child Free - Item XVII, art. 29 of Decree No.

10: Youth Travel Ticket 100% - Item I, art. 32 of Law No.

11: Youth Travel Ticket 50% - Item II, art. 32 of Law No.

12: Travel Authorization - Free Companion Pass - Art. 1 of
Law No. 8.899/94;
percentualDesconto1-1FloatlogEmissaoDiscount percentage.

Formatting: 5.2

Min: 0.00;
Max: 100.00;
aliquotaICMS1-1FloatlogEmissaoPercentage of the ICMS rate.

Formatting: 5.2

Min: 0.00;
Max: 100.00;
Request example

Request Data in JSON Format

    "tpAmb": 2,
    "logEmissao": {
        "codigoBilheteEmbarque": 1,    
        "codigoCategoriaTransporte": "02",
        "identificacaoLinha": "1",        
        "codigoTipoServico": 1,
        "dataViagem": "20210823",
        "horaViagem": "173145",
        "codigoTipoViagem": 1,
        "numeroPoltrona": "1",
        "plataformaEmbarque": "5",
        "codigoMotivoDesconto": 1,
        "percentualDesconto": 0.0,
        "aliquotaICMS": 17.0    
Data returned
StatusCódigo de status do processamentoN1-1
MotivoDescrição literal do status de processamentoA1-1
nsNRecID do Processamento do método InserirLogVendaPassagemN0-1Somente em status = 200
Response examples

Successful Response

	"status": 200,
	"motivo": "Log enviado para a ANTT",
	"nsNRec": "112"

Unsuccessful Response

	"status": -6,
	"motivo": "Documento ja processado anteriormente e autorizado",
	"nsNRec": "110"
Response Codes
200Log submission successfully executed.
-2Request data validation error.
-3Errors in log processing after sending to Core/ANTT
-4Errors in log processing after sending to Core/ANTT
-5Errors in log processing after sending to Core/ANTT
-6Document already processed and authorized. Check the nsNRec informed of the response.

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