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NFe Check Situation

Through the NF-e Situation Consult service, it’s possible to obtain information about the current status of the NF-e in the Sefaz database.

This functionality is widely used in cases where it’s necessary to verify the existe and validity of an NF-e, as well as to obtain information about the events that occured with it (e.g.: alteration of values by a Correction Letter).


Production: POST https://nfe.ns.eti.br/nfe/stats

Input data
FieldDescriptionData TypeOccurrenceNotes
X-AUTH-TOKENUser access tokenString0-1
licencaCnpjCNPJ of the license interested in consulting the NF-e statusInt0-1Used to identify the digital certificate to be used. If not sent, the CNPJ will be extracted from the key sent in the chNFe field
chNFeNF-e access keyInt1-1
tpAmbNF-e authorization environment type:
1 - Production
2 - Homologation
veraoNF-e versionString0-1Standard value: 4.00
Request example

Consult situation

curl -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{
         "X-AUTH-TOKEN": "YOUR_TOKEN", 
         "licencaCnpj": "07364617000135", 
         "chNFe": "43161107364617000135550000000099461000094833", 
         "tpAmb": "2", 
         "versao": "4.00"
Returned data
statusProcessing status code
motivoProcessing status literal description
retConsSitNFeObject containing the NF-e authorization protocol data and all linked eventsOnly when status = 200
erroObject containing the error data that occured during processingOnly when status is different from 200
erro.cStatError status code
erro.xMotivoError literal description
Return example

Successful return (cStat 100 = authorized)

    "status": 200,
    "motivo": "Consulta realizada com sucesso",
    "retConsSitNFe": {
        "tpAmb": "2",
        "verAplic": "RS201809061124",
        "cStat": "100",
        "xMotivo": "Autorizado o uso da NF-e",
        "cUF": "43",
        "dhRecbto": "2020-09-03T10:54:16-03:00",
        "protNFe": [
                "infProt": {
                    "Id": "ID143200000787484",
                    "tpAmb": "2",
                    "verAplic": "RS202008281347",
                    "chNFe": "43200907364617000135550000000518401004621869",
                    "dhRecbto": "2020-09-03T10:53:36-03:00",
                    "nProt": "143200000787484",
                    "digVal": "VBJVDHDVbPA1qoH/1RBC+wIBIU4=",
                    "cStat": "100",
                    "xMotivo": "Autorizado o uso da NF-e"
                "versao": "4.00"
        "versao": "4.00"
Returned cStats

According to the main cStat code, which is returned in the retConsSitNFe object, it’s possible to define the status of the document. Below is a table with some values that can be returned. There may be other returns as needed by Sefaz.

100Authorized document
101Cancelled document
110Denied document
Return codes
200Consult carried out successfully
-400NF-e access key or environment type not informed
-3Invalid access key
-6Error carrying out the consult. Check the "erro" object to identify the reason

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