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Processing Status

This service is used to check the processing status of an NF-e previously sent for processing the NF-e Issuance method.


Production: POST https://nfe.ns.eti.br/nfe/issue/status

Input data
X-AUTH-TOKEN1-1User access token
CNPJ1-1NF-e issuer CNPJ
nsNRec1-1Receipt protocol number
Request Example
NF-e processing status request
curl -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"X-AUTH-TOKEN":"YOUR_TOKEN","CNPJ":"11111111111111", "nsNRec":"123456"}' \
Returned data
statusProcessing status code
motivoProcessing status literal description
chNFeNF-e access keyOnly when status = 200
cStatNF-e processing status code at SefazOnly when status = 200
xMotivoProcessing status literal description at SefazOnly when status = 200
nProtNF-e authorization protocol number at SefazOnly when cStat = 100
dhRecebtoDate and time of NF-e receipt by SefazOnly when status = 200
xmlNF-e distribution XMLOnly when cStat = 100
erroObject containing error information in case the consult cannot be carried out successfully. Details in the table belowOnly when status is different from 200
“Erro” object details
cStatError status code
xMotivoError literal description
Return examples

Successful return

  "status": 200,
  "motivo": "Consulta realizada com sucesso",
  "chNFe": "43161107364617000135550000000099461000094833",
  "cStat": 100,
  "nProt": "143160001491309",
  "xMotivo": "Autorizado o uso da NF-e",
  "dhRecbto": "2016-11-21T11:19:42",
  "xml": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><nfeProc versao=\"3.10\" xmlns=\"http://www.portalfiscal.inf.br/nfe\"><NFe>...</NFe><protNFe versao=\"3.10\">...</protNFe></nfeProc>"

Return with error

  "status": -2,
  "motivo": "Nao foi possivel carregar o status da NF-e",
  "erro": {
    "cStat": 0,
    "xMotivo": "Documento não localizado em nosso banco de dados"
Return codes
200Consult carried out successfully
-2It was not possible to load the NF-e processing status. Check the "erro" object for more information
-6Document already received, but without processing status, please consult the nsNRec processing status informed
-7Document previously processed and authorized

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