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Login Creation for Accountants

What does the login of an Accountant do?

When creating a Accountant login, it will allow the registered email to have access only to the licenses linked to it.

It is used by companies that want their own accountants to consult documents issued through the DF-e Portal

Registration can be done as follows:

1st Access the Admin Panel

You will have to access our Administrative Panel through this link: https://painel.nstecnologia.com.br/

Click on the Contadores (Accountants) tab, then click on Adicionar (Add) as shown in the image below:

2nd Link Licenses

After selecting the type of registration, a tab will open on the screen to link Licenses. It is possible to add CNPJs to the e-mail that will be registered.

For this to happen, just click on the + symbol to link it.

Esta imagem possuí um atributo alt vazio; O nome do arquivo é Screenshot_31.png

After linking a CNPJ, it will appear like this:

After selecting all the licenses that you want to give access to the emissions information to the e-mail you are registering, just click on finish.

3rd Send registration link

After linking the licenses you want, the link will appear on the screen to be sent to the person who wants to register for her to provide her details.

4th Data Registration

After sending the registration link to the person, the screen below will open where it must be filled in with your data so that you have access to the DF-e Portal. After finishing, just click on Cadastrar (Register).

Obs.: In this option you can choose to fill in the registration form or use the information from your Google account and also from your Facebook account. For this to happen, just click on Cadastre-se com (Register with): And select the desired registration icon.

5th Confirmation Sent to Email

After registering above, you will receive the message in the image below. Where you will have to access your email to carry out the confirmation.

Accessing the email, just click on Confirmar Cadastro (Confirm Registration).

After confirming, a screen will open to inform your access password and confirm it. After informing them just click on Concluir (finish):

6th Finishing

Now the Login of the Issue has access only to the DF-e Portal. With this, after entering the password, the screen below will open, being able to choose which destination you want to proceed.

8th Search Login

To search, just go to the Admin Panel, click on the Accountants tab. After that, just inform the person’s name or the registered email and click on search and the user will appear.

Lost your password? Click here and see how to get it again!

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